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GFEU e.V. / TU University Hamburg-Harburg

GFEU e.V., the Society for the Promotion and Development of Environmental Technologies is a not for profit association at the Institute for Wastewater management and Protection of waters of the University TU Hamburg-Harburg/Germany. The task of the Secretary for ClimateFarming is to collaboratively identify with beneficiaries new sources of value, that enhance a local economy cycle. The aim of ClimateFarming is to develop a modular development cooperation, adapted to the climatic and cultural environment.


Inventor Joerg Fingas

is Chairman of the Board of ClimateFarming, a public institution for valorization and development of environmental technologies at the TUHH Hamburg-Harburg but also an expert in intellectual property rights. His special areas are: patent utilization, gasification and pyrolysis, review of technology and intellectual property, patent strategies, identification and recruitment of top experts for respective technology areas.

Furthermore he is inventor of a series of products related to climate farming and clean cook stoves (pyrolysis stoves and bio char processing).

Ökoservice GmbH

is an enterprise based in Denkendorf/Germany, specializing since 1984 in the development and implementation of decentralized and fully biological Wastewater and Environmental Technology. Inventor of the first BioTop-Wastewater treatment plant according to the modified SBR-regulations. Small scale plant constructions in Switzerland, Rumania, China. Major clients are cities, private housing complexes, hotel business. Inventor of the first BioTopp-OM-Wastewater treatment plant with membrane technology and transformation of sewage sludge into earth, to be used in agricultural fertilisation (Terra Preta Black Earth), the project was part of the EU regional EFRE-Project in Baden-Württemberg.

NAFAGAZ and Fondation CLIMATESOL Burkina Faso

The enterprise NAFAGAZ and Foundation Climate Sol are piloting the promotion, installation and capacity building of innovative pyrolysis technology in households of the wider area of urban Ougadougou/Burkina Faso. In parallel they have set up a distribution network for pellets produced from leftover biomass from agriculture. The newest model of the pyrolysis gasifier was presented at the Fair for Renewable Energies in 2015 in Ouagadougou and has been awarded by the Ministry for Environment of Burkina Faso. Climate Sol understands itself as an incubator for climate friendly technologies in energy, sanitation and agriculture. Cooperation experience includes projects with GIZ, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and SNV.

ClimateFarming AG

is a group of experts based in Tübingen/Germany, volunteering to support the work of ClimateFarming. Together with TU Hamburg-Harburg and local partners in Senegal and Burkina Faso, ClimateFarming AG sustains projects that aim for the improvement of infrastructure and living conditions of broad urban and rural populations, by introducing small scale technology for energy provision, sanitation and agriculture. Climate economy technologies developed by ClimateFarming include pellets production from leftover biomass, innovative climate stoves, wastewater and organic waste treatment of urban settlement, fertilization of eroded soils and revitalisation of agriculture. ClimateFarming responds to the need to consciously handle resources and to connect our living conditions to its ecological, social and economic footprint.


Bukera Pictures GmbH

is a distribution company based in Tübingen/Germany. The company‘s philosophy is to distribute powerful, provocative and entertaining feature films and documentaries which can be understood emotionally at an international level and do make a difference. Bukera Pictures invests 50% of its profits in non-profit purposes. The Director and owner Marcus Vetter plans a new documentary film and accompanies the project with his team. He is a three-time winner of the Grimme Award and tells fascinating stories about real people’s life. For the social drama “The heart of Jenin” he received the German Film Award LOLA 2010.

wild tulip GmbH

is an internationally awarded agency for digital creation, consultancy and premium content. Based in Berlin, Reutlingen and Brussels, we provide excellence in – finding – creation – achievements. wild tulip´s leads have 20 years of experience as creative developers for corporate media, integrated marketing, business development, social impact and charity projects.



Global Nature Fund

Global Nature Fund (GNF) is an international foundation for the protection of environment and nature, based in Radolfzell at Lake Constance/Germany. Founded in 1998, GNF’s initiates nature/environment protection projects, develops model projects for the promotion of sustainable economy, publishes and organizes events, and promotes international conventions on species protection. The Living Lakes network has been initiated by GNF, a global network of environmental partnership organisations striving for the protection of lakes and wetlands worldwide.

Maplecrest Capital AG

Maplecrest Capital AG is a Swiss boutique ‘Independent Wealth Manager’ based in Zug, Switzerland, specializing in alternative asset management. The founders of Maplecrest Capital AG are Jeet Singh and Abbas Carmody. The mission is to provide qualified investors uncorrelated, stable returns with moderate risk. Maplecrest Capital offers services to civil society networks, to private clients, family offices, foundations, pension funds, and high net worth clients. Our extensive research activities and technical innovations form the basis for the development of new strategies.

LHL (Lernen-Helfen-Leben)

Lernen-Helfen-Leben (LHL) e.V. is based in Vechta/Germany and was founded in 1988 by returnees of the German Development Service. LHL together with partners in Africa is engaged for a regional development and environmental protection agenda. Themes are the support of schools, forest conservation and reforestation, organic farming, fuel wood saving stoves, solar energy, village development and awareness-raising in Germany. LHL initiated a CDM fuel wood saving stove project in Nigeria, the first of its kind, together with Nigerian Engineers from DARE and the carbon offset company atmosfair gGmbH. The project is registered by the UNFCCC and the Gold Standard Organisation.

Christa Roth Consultancy

is advising worldwide to improve implementer’s stove models, addressing the entire marketing chain from raw materials to end users. Christa Roth focuses on adaptation of TChar concepts (gasifiers making own char). She provides technical assistance on stove technology and fuel preparation, training of extension staff, producers and end-users. Her specific skills are food and fuel security, synergy of food and fuel crops, integrated food and energy systems IFES, adaptation of stove concepts to local fuels and user needs, micro-gasifier cookstoves, household energy security and biomass energy conservation and climate smart agriculture.